Space math 2 Early Learning

Space Math 2 Game


Space Math 2 Game is the Second Version of our Popular Space Math series designed especially for young children for hours of fun and excitement. In Space Math 2 you fly around and Shoot the Spike Drones with Laser Beams and Space Math 2 has 5 Screens for Counting and spelling from 1 to 50, this very easy to use game is for learning the basic skills of counting and spelling numbers. 

Space Math 2 is designed to develop skills for early learning while keeping kids busy and engaged. Space math 2 is an interactive learning game, designed to use the arrow keys to move the spaceship around in outer space. Space Math 2 you line the Spike Drones up with the Spaceship and shoot them with the Laser beam and that’s where the fun begins. The Spike Drones explode with awesome sound effects as they break apart, the number and the spelling appear onscreen for your child to say and spell the number.

When finished just continue moving around the spaceship and line up another Spike Drone to Shoot, at which time a new number and spelling will appear on screen. When all the Spike Drones are cleared the message will appear to count and spell the screen of numbers, and then a restart button or next button so they can enjoy learning the basic skills of counting and spelling until they reach 50 at which time they can start all over again.


Available on the Microsoft Store.

Space Math 2 ScreenShot3 Space Math 2 ScreenShot4 Space Math 2 ScreenShot6



  • Designed especially for young children.
  • Helps to develop skills and early learning.
  • 5 Screens for Counting and Spelling 1 to 50
  • Shoot Spike Drones in Outer Space
  • Easy to use.
  • Hours of fun and excitement
  • Restart button to play over




Additional Information

  • Published by: IEWEBAPPS
  • Release date: 03/03/2020
  • Category: Educational, Early Learning
  • Copyright: CJCGames
  • Developed by: CJCGames
  • Age rating: For all ages
  • Language supported: English (United States)