Super Farm Adventure Game Review

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Review: Super Farm Adventure Game


Super Farm Adventure game is an awesome running game for hours of fun and excitement, your goal is to jump over the obstacles and avoid the bombs and collect the diamonds and coins gain points.

But be careful of the bombs, every hit you lose points and if you hit an obstacle the game is over.

Super Farm Adventure game is a Universal Windows app designed for all Windows Platforms.

Super Farm Adventure comes with three awesome levels easy, medium or Hard the easy level for starters will spawn less obstacles and bombs for you to rack up some points, but when medium or hard level is selected adding up points is much harder, see if you have what it takes to rack up the high score.

Super Farm Adventure uses only the space bar for jumping, so if your looking for a challenge and think you can achieve the high score then this is a game, try your luck on three different levels of fun and excitement for all ages and see if you can achieve the high score.


Available on the Microsoft Store.

Screen Shot 1 of Game

Screen Shot 2 of Game

Screen Shot 3 of Game


Click Link to View Trailer on the Microsoft Store


  • Designed for all ages
  • Three awesome levels of Difficulty
  • Hours of fun and excitement
  • Awesome sound effects
  • Thrilling Death scenes
  • Powerful music
  • Easy to use




Additional Information

  • Published by: IEWEBAPPS
  • Release date: 01/08/2020
  • Category: Family & Kids
  • Copyright: CJCGames
  • Developed by: CJCGames
  • Age rating: For all ages
  • Language supported: English (United States)